Sorry For Not Posting...

As many of you may have gathered, I am no longer using this journal. I have had quite a few of you find me on Myspace, and I would like to say thanks for that. If any of you would like to keep reading not only about The Royal Derwent, but other paranormal topics, then please come and have a look at my new online blog. I will post the link below. Please subscribe via my RSS feed, or by email. Thank you to all who have read this blog.

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Photos & Video...

Just a short update so I can post a few recent photos and another video clip. The photos bellow have been taken on an Olympus M Digital 600, 6.0 Megapixel digital camera. The images have not been altered in any way except resizing.

Orb outside of Ward 4

Close up of orb. Notice the motion blur at the bottom, suggesting that it is moving upwards.

Figure walking? Nurses Quarters (?) on the same side of the river. (Not the Nurses Cottage from the Willow Court side.) The photo was taken by holding the camera through a broken window. We didn't see of here anything at the time.

Close up of figure. Head, torso and both arms can be seen. I can not come up with explanation at all for this photo and I would definitely say that it is our best capture yet!

The video clip bellow is from our first lot of video footage. I have posted a link to it before, but thanks to Youtube, I can share it a lot easier. Pay attention to the first three seconds of film as the camera moves to look through the window, before the night-shot mode is turned on. As the camera pans across the window, you can see what looks like a figure tuning to face the camera, yet it disappears once the night-shot comes on. You can also see my shadow clearly – notice the size of it in comparison to the other figure.

If you have a Youtube account, feel free to subscribe to my videos (I also video blog – badly) and I will subscribe back -

Project Starting To Get Back On Track...

I am going to come right out and say it - the past year has been absolute shit for me on all levels and it has taken a long time for me to start getting back on me feet. It would have been too easy for me to walk away from this project, but I don't want to. I want to start it back up again and work at it even harder than before.

All the personal stuff aside, I have made a few trips to The Royal Derwent in the past few weeks and once again we have had a few interesting experiences, including actually hearing with our own ears something growling at us from Ward 4 after taking a photograph. While nothing came up on film, we did go back on the weekend and placed a tape recorder on the window sill and left it while we explored other areas. When we played the tape back, it sounds as if there is an argument going on between a female and an aggressive, dominate male. It sounds like there are several female screams through out the tape, and there are countless repetitive banging noises. I am trying to find an audio program so I can listen to it properly. I will try to post clips once I have them.

I was also able to have a brief walk through Ward 2 and managed to film a few minutes on my mobile phone. While there is no ghost activity caught on film, it does give you an idea of what the wards are like now. If you have Youtube, feel free to subscribe to my videos, but I am warning you now that I do a pretty bad video blog as well :) -

I also have a photo that was taken a few weeks ago I have been meaning to post, so I will do so in the next few days.

The Royal Derwent Project Is Back On Track

My appologies in being so over due in updating. It was actually my eight month old son who passed away, and my partner and I have been finding it difficult. Even though the project has been delayed, I made a commitment to myself when I started it, that I would complete it to the best of my ability. So, the show will go on.

While I have not visited the Royal Derwent for a some time, there has been a few changes. On our last visit, we went past Ward 7 – one of the wards which we has previously examined. It appears interior renovations have started and a security system has been installed. In other news, investors have pulled out on the redevelopment of the Willow Court area. All construction has been stopped, hopefully buying us more time to film.

As for filming, I hope to start ASAP. I have already pened out a basic shooting plan and am ready to go – apart from the camera bit. So now I have the task of raising some funds so we can officially get off the ground. Each week I will be auctioning some of the items we have collected from the Royal Derwent on eBay to help with production costs. I also have copies of the “Face” ghost photo, along with hand made Tarot reads, Tarot readings and Reiki healings. Please support the project and visit our auctions, or even pass the link onto a friend.

This weeks item is a Bible – New Testament, found in Ward 9. Just click the link below to visit the auction.

Click HERE To Visit Auction - Bible From Ward 9
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Long Over Due Update

My apologies to all for a long over due update. Unfortunately, there was a death very close to us in the family and it has taken a while to kinda get back on out feet.

We have made a visit to the Royal Derwent since, and while I can not remember the dates, a few notable things occurred. In one ward, we could hear faint whistling. We tired to record it, only to hear what seems to be a cat like sound on the play back. We didn’t hear anything at the time that could have explained it.

In another ward, we could hear someone – or something crying.

We were able to have a look at part of Ward C – once used for the criminally insane. It was quite a weird experience. One room had been almost completely filled with old milk cartons. Several others filled with bicycles and bicycles wheels. Upon getting the photographs back from the day, there was one taken in Ward C that I could not remember taking that appeared to have a shadowy figure in it.

Shadowy Figure or trick of the light? What do you think?

I will post more photos from the previous trip latter.

I will be going back to The Royal Derwent today, taking a few black and white shots. Official filming is also scheduled to start mid April.

In other news, we now have regular eBay auctions with all proceeds going towards the project.

I am also working on a brand new website, Haunted Tasmania, dedicated to all things paranormal and metaphysical within Tasmania.

To coincide with the new website, I have also independently published Haunted Tasmania – The Magazine. Haunted Tasmania will be available every two months. To get your own copy of the first issue at a special price, please be sure to visit our eBay auctions at

Cave Clan Visit To The Royal Derwent

The below account is from a member of the Hobart Cave Clan. The Cave Clan is an Australian Wide group dedicated to exploring the underbelly of our society. Drains, underground tunnels, abandoned buildings - they explore them all. For more information on the Cave Clan, please visit their site,

At the Nurses/Ladies cottage (The big L shaped one with the fountains out the front) we were in the garden and heard a loud bang, like a slamming door or someone jumping from a bench . Next visit though i found a loose window in that building, that may have made the noise

then in a ward known as glenora house, I had walked off ahead of the group into the building, leaving the others behind with a single failing torch. I happily wandered around whistling a tune with my head torch beaming brightly around. eventually the others got in, and i walked off to another room. a minute later they yell out to me "was that you whistling" and I said "a few minutes ago before you were in" and they said no just now. i started to creep back towards them and then BANG the sound of a door slam! Ronin yelled "lets get the fuck out of this house NOW" so they ran and I stayed to explore more. I wanted to hear the whistle. I did a lap of the building and came back to the central office/nurses viewing room where they were standing, I was looking at cupboards labeled "Patient records" and "Enema equipment" and then i heard a whistle. This building was a great distance from any houses. but there it was, a whistle. i told myself it was a bird and kept going. my video camera was rolling at the time but you can barely hear the whistle over the whine of the tape drive. I have run the audio through noise filters and isolated the whistle some what, and along with it, the sounds of voices almost like a tv or radio............

Outside another ward, one surrounded by a 3meter wall dug into the yard, a bit like a zoo, we spotted a figure through the window on the other side of the building, where we had just driven, and not seen anyone. we walked around that side of the building and n-oone was there. soon after, we heard a baby laugh and then the sound of children playing, again, nowhere near houses or any kids, certainly not near enough for sound to carry that far....

Have been back twice since this day and not had any strange experiences, though driving the car around the wards in the area where we heard the children, i must say as i drove past those buildings, i suddenly had a strange sick feeling overcome my whole body, which was very odd. it went when we left.....


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Appologies to all for taking so long to update.  It has been sometime since my last visit to the Royal Derwent due to a very busy Christmas and New Years.  But not to stress - the project is still very much alive - with the official filming shcedualed to start around mid March.

I have been working on a few other things such as getting a new website up and running dedicated to all things paranormal within Tasmania, Australia.  I am also working on an independent magazien to go hand in hand with it, and that is where I could do with some help.

If you are from Tasmania, Australia and have your own spooky story you would like to be published, please leave a breif outline either to this post, or leave a post in my new community, hauntedtasmania .  I will get back to you from there.

I will also be holding a stall at an up and coming phychic expo to be held in March.  I hope to launch the magazien there as well as sell hand made tarot decks, mini spells and more.  I'll keep you posted.

I also have a few random EVP's unrelated to The Royal Derwent Project that I hope to post in my new community in the nest few days, so even if you are not from Tasmania, feel free to join - hauntedtasmania .

Don't forget our website - please have a look, click the link so we can become number one in the Paranormal Site Top 100, sign our guest book, or even support the project by buying some gear.

Next visit to the Royal Derwent should be eith in the next few days, or mid Febuary, so keep an eye out.


EVP Recording And Photos - Strange Dust?

Sorry about these photos taking some time, but I anted to also post the EVP from my last lot of trips and had to transfer it to my computer.

More photos will be added to the website in the next few days, so please keep an eye out at

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EVP - Ward 9 - Ticking, Banging In Background and Strange Noise - Saying "Eleven?" - CLICK TO LISTEN

The above EPV was recorded while I was outside of Ward 9, holding the recorder through a broken window into the ward. It is the same window and room I captured the "Face" photo from October 16th, 2005. After my first question, a banging noise can be heard as well as something that sounds like a clock ticking. I do not wear a watch, nor was anyone else, and there are no clocks inside.

There is nothing after the second question, but after the third, another bang can be heard, possibly ticking again, and a strange noise that can not be explained. I can positively say that it was nothing man made by myself or my companions.

It doesn't seem to sound like formed words, but after listening to it several times, I think it sounds like "Eleven". Please let me know what you think.

The clip has been filtered to cut out some of the background "fuzz", and two sections have been amplified - after the first and second question. The last sound has been slowed by 20% without any changes to frequency to be able to hear the sound a little clearer. No other modifications have been made.

** Please Note EVP may take some time to download.

Photos From Last Weekend - MUST SEE!

These are the photos from last weekend. Please click on the LJ cut to view and read bout them. There is one in particular that is incredibly interesting.

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I will be adding all of the photos from these days plus more to the website,

Also, if you would like a copy of the photo as a poster, please visit our store at Cafe Press, by clicking HERE